🤚"I Will, To The Best of My Ability..." Edition

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“Trump may be gone but his toxic reign of lies and insurrection will forever be a lesson in how to overthrow a democracy.” - RR

🔵 Cartoon by Rob Rogers for Counterpoint

“As I write this I’m looking at a ‘TRUMP PRESIDENCY COUNTDOWN CLOCK’ on CNN. On Saturday night mental health expert Katie Couric said, on Bill Maher’s show, that Trump voters needed to be “deprogrammed.” CNN expressed the same sentiment today. Jack Dorsey’s Twitter will shut you down for entertaining the idea that there were irregularities in the election. Meanwhile, for an hour yesterday NPR entertained calls wondering what to do about relatives who had electoral suspicions. Their advice was to seek professional help for mental illness while simultaneously displaying full-blown amnesia concerning the 2016 election—and Stacey Abrams. But pretty soon it’ll all be over. This leads me to a prediction: After we get through scrubbing him out of the last four years of U.S. history, the only people who will be allowed to say the word ‘Trump’ will be Black rappers.” - ML

🔴 Cartoon by Mike Lester for Counterpoint

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