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Last year was a tough one for political cartoonists. One of Counterpoint’s own Pulitzer Prize-winning artists lost his job after a cartoon criticizing the U.S. president’s approach to immigration went viral on Twitter, and some major publications—most notably the New York Times international edition—announced they’ll stop printing cartoons for good. No one else is working on new ways to keep cartooning alive, and that’s why we’re here.

Media companies’ margins are slim, and we don’t blame them for being ruthless in their quest to break even. But here at Counterpoint, we know the value political cartoons create. They have shaped our country from its earliest days (how could we overlook Benjamin Franklin’s Join, or Die!?), and they create the kind of political environment our country needs right now: a balanced, uncensored debate with enough humor to make these critical topics approachable for the dinner table, and to invite healthy discussions among friends. A nation divided by opinion cannot stand, but a nation composed of diverse opinions and lively debate will land on the best possible consensus. Cartoons can help us get there.

But here’s the catch: Counterpoint is a small business, too. In this global health crisis, advertisers are hesitant and marketing budgets are slimming down. 

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Get 30% off forever

Get 30% off forever